Sunday, September 28, 2008

unknown path

"In the Western world we have become distanced from the wonder of rolling planets, seasonal rhythms, and the unseen mysteries of the world. We may learn of natural wonders through the medium of television, but rarely find ourselves in living, wonder-filled touch with the universe.

It takes intentional commitment to place ourselves in a contemplative consciousness that acknowledges Mystery and allows for big steps of trust on the unknown path of faith.

In a way it is very simple. We don't need to travel to distant places or try to imitate the mystics. Instead we are invited to come home to ourselves, to the wonder of our creation in the divine image, and to our deep connection with the universe.

We belong in the great cosmic web that embraces all." - Elizabeth J. Canham, "Wonder, Love and Praise" in Weavings, Sept/Oct 2008


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