Sunday, November 29, 2009

our way through

A shack of sticks and mud in Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Thanksgiving took me to places and time with people I love and memories both good and painful. At a time when it seems my journey is taking me in the direction of a new role and new relationships, it is easy to forget the painful work that humility has tried to accomplish in me. A sermon about finding my own "personal Haiti," a non-cooperative co-worker, a four-day weekend, and a reading from Richard Rohr's book, Everything Belongs, nudged me toward the peace that comes with acceptance, and even gratitude, for my wounds.

"As St. Augustine says, 'In my deepest wound I see your glory and it dazzles me.' Our wound is our way through. Or as Julian also put it, at the risk of shocking us, 'God sees the wounds, and sees them not as scars but as honors.... For he holds sin as a sorrow and pain to his lovers. He does not blame us for them' (chapter 39, Showing 13, Revelations of Divine Love). We might eventually thank God for our wounds, but usually not until the second half of life." - Richard Rohr, p. 166, Everything Belongs